About us

Ireland's First Student-led Energy Summit

About Us

Originally founded in 2010 by Dr. Rory Monaghan, the NUI Galway Energy
Society is the largest, most active and most influential student group in Ireland
dedicated to energy.

The society exists to provide and promote information about the needs,
challenges and successes occurring in the field of energy today.
This goal is achieved using fact-based discussions and open collaboration to
develop the understanding and awareness of energy production, consumption and
its impacts.

The Galway Energy Summit (GES) is the preeminent annual event coordi-
nated by the society. The event aims to be accessible and educational whilst
fostering an environment which students, professionals and the general public
can engage in discussion and debate in relation to energy.

Learn more about the NUI Galway Energy Society hereĀ 

History of Event

The Galway Energy Summit, originally Energy Night, is Ireland’s first and largest student-run energy event.
Since its founding in 2011 a wide range of experts in the field of energy have spoken and debated at the events.

These include:

  • Prof. Phillip Walton – Better Environment with Nuclear Energy (BENE)
    member and son of Nobel Laurete in physics, Ernest T.S Walton.
  • Prof. J. Owen Lewis – Chief Executive of Sustainable Energy Authority
    of Ireland (SEAI) 2009-2012.
  • Mr. Norman Crowley – Chief Executive of Crowley Carbon, one of Eu-
    rope’s fastest growing energy efficiency companies.
  • Mr. Michael Crothers – Managaing Director of Shell Exploration and
    Production Ireland.
  • Mr. Sean Kyne – Minister for State of Rural Affairs and Natural Resources.