Can Technology Save Us?

Ireland's First Student-led Energy Summit

We’re surrounded by technology every single minute of every day, it’s changed our lives! But is it going to help prevent us from reaching that tipping point of 1.5°C increase in temperature?

Come along and listen to what the experts have to say and find out about the technologies that will be a large part of your life in the very near future.

The first panel discussion is titled “Can technology Save us” . Here, some high profile representatives from industry will present about developing technologies which will reduce our carbon impact. Confirmed speakers for this talk are John Bryne (head of smart meter rollout in ESB) and Ian Kilgallon (Gas networks Ireland). Two exciting companies are yet to be confirmed

  • Moderated by Kate Kerrane (Galway Energy Summit)
  • Ian Kilgallon (Gas networks Ireland)
  • John Bryne (head of smart meter rollout in ESB)
  • Russel Vickers Connected Autonomous Vehicles in Ireland (Jaguar Landrover)

Moderator – Kate Kerrane

A former NUI, Galway engineering student and Auditor of the Energy Society, Kate is currently working on the Smart Metering Project with ESB, one of the largest projects that ESB has taken on to date, one which will help shape Irelands smart grid and set us on the path to a low carbon and brighter future. Previously, Kate worked with an NGO in Canada called Student Energy acting as the Community Manager where she led a program opening clubs across the world facilitating youth to engage and act with communities, industry and their peers on hard hitting climate injustices in their home countries. She is currently seeking out climate change opportunities and is an active member of climate action in Ireland.

Ian Kilgallon – Business Development & Innovation Manager, Gas Networks Ireland

Working in the gas industry for over 14 years, Ian has previously held the positions of National Metering Manager, Market Operations Manager, Regulatory Affairs and Key Account Manager. Prior to working in Gas Networks Ireland, Ian, who is an Industrial Engineer, spent 18 years establishing and supporting manufacturing and supply chain operations across Europe, Asia and North America for Apple, EMC and Dell.

Ian’s team is focused on progressing collaborative innovation projects with key stakeholder companies, research organisations, and developers. Their aim is to assist Irish industry to decarbonise with renewable energy and support new rural developments, such as indigenous renewable gas and community cooperative projects.

John Byrne – Project Manager National Smart Metering Project, ESB Networks.

John is an experienced energy professional with two decades of experience in the electricity sector.  John is currently the Project Manager for the Smart Metering Project and has overall responsibility for the the safe installation of 250,000 smart meters by 2020.  This encompasses the design, build & test of the new IT and communications systems to deliver the associated retail market transformation by 2020 on behalf of ESB Networks and the wider electricity industry.

John is a chartered Engineer since 2013 and has previously worked as Regulation Manager and Smart Grids Manager where he was responsible for ESB Networks’ participation in a number of Horizon 2020 EU funded projects on the electrification of both heat and transport in Ireland.  John was a Project Manager on the LUAS light rail project and a part-time lecturer in DIT Bolton Street. John has also served as a member of the SEAI Smart Grid Implementation Advisory Group and Expert Group 4 (EG4) of the European Union’s Smart Grid Taskforce.

Russell Vickers – Software Architect and Vehicle Engineer, JLR

Russell Vickers is a Software Architect at Jaguar Land Rover, where he leads a team focusing on the new revenue opportunities that are enabled as vehicles move towards an increasing automated and connected future. Based in Shannon, he is also the Chair of the CAV Ireland Testbed Working group. The Testbed working group are collaborating with the Government Departments and the development agencies to create a roadmap to ensure the success of CAV in Ireland.

His background is in ASIC Design and Communications, and his previous companies include Parthus Technologies, Texas Instruments, Ericsson and Intel.

Russell is a graduate of D.I.T Kevin St. and obtained a BSc in Electronic Engineering in 1998.