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Electricity Supply Board (ESB) was founded back in 1927 with the vision of being Ireland’s foremost energy company and the passion to create a brighter future for all electricity users in Ireland. Fast forward to 2018 and ESB is Ireland’s leading Energy Company supplying around 2.3 million customers throughout Ireland and has a regulated asset base of approximately €9 billion with 43% of electricity generation capacity in the all-island market.

To add to their success story, in 2012 Electric Ireland became the customer supply division of ESB. Electric Ireland is recognised as Ireland’s leading energy supplier, supplying electricity, gas and energy services to over 1.4 million households and 95,000 businesses in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Today, ESB are working to transforming the future of energy by understanding the need for the customer to  manage their own energy requirements in a greener, more efficient way. ESB are investing in renewable sources of energy such as solar, wind, wave and energy storage.

The ESB Networks strategy includes a timeline of various milestones which they wish to achieve over the coming years. By 2020 Ireland is committed to having 40% of its electricity supplied from renewable resources and by 2025, 25% of buildings will be using solar energy. ESB Novusmodus, one of Europe’s largest clean-tech funds, has invested in two innovative solar companies- TenKSolar and Lumicity – to help meet the growing need for solar power.

By 2027 ESB aims to be a world class sustainable networks business  operating a Smart Network. This strategy has been put in place with the driving factor of ESB becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

When it comes to innovation and knowledge development ESB is top of their game; funding various research projects and start-up companies. The ESB Westwave project is world-leading in its design, knowledge development and sharing. This project is one of the first demo trials of its kind in the world held right here in Ireland at Killard, Co Clare. ESB has recognised the opportunity for wave energy in Ireland given our vast ocean energy resources which have the potential to provide 20% of Ireland’s electricity needs.

With ESB continually improving, taking initiative and driving innovation, it is no wonder they have the reputation they do today. And with their breakthroughs and innovative research we are looking forward to being a part of their plans for a greener and cleaner future for energy in Ireland.

To learn more about ESB please visit www.esb.ie