Energy Society

Ireland's First Student-led Energy Summit

In the exciting and rapidly developing world of energy, the NUI Galway Energy Society exists to provide and promote information and material about the needs, challenges and successes occurring in the field of energy today.
Through talks delivered by experts in the field, open discussion and provision of relevant literature and films, the society invites it members to become more involved and informed in what is one of the modern ages most important concerns. Recent events include the first European screening of ‘The Switch’ a hard hitting and entertaining documentary concerned with possible energy sources for a growing population.

Not neglecting one of the most important aspects of any society, we also ensure that EnergySoc is a good place for members to meet people and enjoy themselves by staging trips and more light hearted events as well.
The previous biggest event was the annual Energy Night, [often coordinated with the Chemistry and Engineering Societies]. The main event is a discussion or debate involving some of the most influential and knowledgeable figures on the Irish energy provision and academic scene, held after smaller scale events such as careers seminars, and meet and greet sessions.

Recently representatives from the Energy Society went to the Mexico Energy Summit 2017 which brought together 200-250 key international players involved in the development of the Mexican energy industry. The high-level conference provided an invaluable platform to present the sector’s future through constructive debate on key topics involving energy.

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