Meet The Students

Ireland's First Student-led Energy Summit

Conor Deane

Managing Director

Conor is the founder and current director of GES19. He is currently pursuing a research masters with the NUIG IRUSE Group and studies in the area of smart grid and smart building technologies. A lot of his work is based on the Aran Islands with the EU “Respond” project. In June 2017, Conor represented Ireland at the international student energy summit in Merida, Mexico. Inspired by this summit, he founded the Galway Energy Summit to try giving students a similar experience. He believes that for the energy industry to thrive, innovation is integral. The main aim for GES19 is to link students with industry to think collaboratively about energy production and a sustainable future.

Laura Mulligan

Logisitcs Director

Laura Mulligan is a masters student of Biomedical Engineering who has been involved with the NUIG Energy Society since 2015. Laura was a core member of the organising committee for Galway Energy Summit 2018, fulfilling the role of Marketing Leader in the weeks leading up the event and acting as Event Manager on the day. Taking on the responsibility of Logistics Director in 2019, Laura is passionate about ensuring that this year’s event is the best it can be. She hopes that real change can be initiated by creating a setting in which academics, industry and the public can convene on some of the most important topics of our generation: sustainability and climate change.

Robert English

Speaker Conveyor

Robbie is currently finishing off his master’s degree in Global Environmental Economics in NUIG. Having previously studied Economics at bachelors’ level in the University of Limerick, he worked 12 months in the US before arriving in Galway. This is his first year as a member of the Energy Society. For the Galway Energy Summit 2019, he has taken on the role of Speakers Conveyor, aiming for a well-balanced panel to ensure an informative and entertaining discussion, but his primary focus was on moderators for each panel discussion. He is passionate about the environment and sustainability issues and the potential Ireland can fulfil going into the future.

Caoimhe Culhane

Director and Auditor of NUIG Energy Society

Caoimhe Culhane is a final-year mechanical engineering student in NUIG and current auditor of the NUIG Energy Society. She has a passionate interest in green energy issues and the role engineers can play in protecting the environment.

Tom Higgins


Tom is a masters student in mechanical engineering pursuing a career in the energy sector in the face of climate change. After attending last years summit, Tom joined the committee as an industry liaison to help grow the event. A previous member of the Geec he has strong interests in the automotive sector and sustainable living.